Pair Your Virtual Conference with an LMS

Pair Your Virtual Conference with an LMS

An LMS might not be necessary, but there's no denying it can be hugely beneficial to your webinars, virtual conferences, and hybrid events. Learning management systems like Elevate allow you to house all your conference resources in one place and creates a space for attendee engagement. Your LMS will be an enduring knowledge presence that makes your learners want to come back to your site for content and information repeatedly. An LMS also opens doors for new ways to monetize online learning as a fresh, constant source of content for your clients and members.

An LMS platform provides a place for your attendees to return throughout your conference. They can reference things like the agenda, speaker bios, virtual tradeshow booths, uploaded resources, and more. Just like an in-person conference or exhibit hall, your attendees will be able to explore your LMS platform to find new and interesting information. An LMS will house a full catalog of resources for attendees, simplifying their experience by eliminating the need for multiple platforms.

One of the biggest concerns when moving from an on-site conference to a virtual or hybrid conference is the reduction in human interaction. Learners attend these events to network and connect with people, and online that may seem challenging.

An LMS like Elevate can provide you with many options to bridge the gap between attendees, including discussion boards on the conference site or a specific session, live chat, Q&A with the presenters, and one-to-one chat messaging. Peer-to-peer conversations, discussions with presenters, and live reactions will create a sense of human interaction in a virtual space.

By building an LMS platform now, you can secure a solid foundation for future online events and even create a new, constant source of information for clients and members. Plus, if your organization would want to produce another event, you would already have the tools, site, and team in place to implement. Not to mention, your attendees would have continued access to resources provided by you.

With an established LMS, you have the option to add virtual components to any future on-site events. Attendees would also have the ability to refer back to the recordings of your conference to refresh themselves on what they had previously learned. By building an LMS into your crisis solution now, you are securing your organization for a sustainable future.

Pairing your events with an LMS paves the way for brand new money making opportunities. There are many options within an LMS to monetizeyour online offerings outside of registration fees. You might consider subscription pricing model, which offers a year-round stream of resources to your learners. You can brand pages with sponsors, play sponsor commercials in breaks, and feature ads in various areas of the platform. Another option is to charge for virtual booth space in addition to the on-site booth, if you opt for a hybrid program. 

As you can see, an LMS is the perfect companion to your conferences, webinars, and virtual events. An integrated approach to events and education could launch your content-driven organization to new heights. 

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