5 Free Sales Training To Close More Deals in 2023

5 Free Sales Training To Close More Deals in 2023

There’s no such thing as a free lunch… or free sales training, right? Wrong!

Though many of the best sales training programs available today are paid, you can still receive valuable training and sales information from free resources… if you know where to look. But how can you find the best free sales training resources?

This post will walk you through my list of the top five free sales training resources you can use to close more deals and crush your targets for years to come. 

As much as you may appreciate getting something for free, it can be challenging to know when you can trust a free sales trainingresource. How do you know the information you’re getting is worth your time? 

While there are undoubtedly free resources that aren’t worth exploring, many talented and experienced sales professionals and trainers offer content for free. The trick is simply finding the right professionals and the right materials. 

Once you have the answers to these questions, the most important thing to consider is the topic of the training in question. Is it relevant to the skills you and your team need help to level up? A salesperson who is already adept at making a cold calland securing a meeting may be better off working on something that would help them increase their effectiveness in another area.

HubSpot is a marketing, sales, and customer service giant known for its software solutions and its free education resources for marketing and sales professionals. One of these resources is an inbound sales certification. This program covers every level of the sales funnel, from prospect identification to nurturing and advisement. You can complete this course certification in just over three hours. 

This free program is designed for sales professionals and inbound marketers looking to round out their sales knowledge to better partner with their sales teams. 

The course is a part of HubSpot Academy, which offers a wide range of training materials, classes, and resources. One user of the Academy’s resources says:

“The platform is very user-friendly. Also, the use of real-life scenarios and short quizzes that constantly jogged my memory thus helped in giving a clear understanding of the content. Finally, a globally recognizable certificate!” -HubSpot Academy User

SkillShare is an online learning community. Using this resource, you can learn various skills and information virtually and at your own pace. As a note, SkillShare is not free indefinitely. A membership to SkillShare is billed yearly or monthly, but you can sign up for a one-month free trial and access this course for free during that period. 

The Sales Negotiation class covers the following topics:

Though some SkillShare users have complained about the customer service, many happy customers are using this application to learn new skills.

“There are SO many different courses, with a variety of teachers. Each has video content, with actionable items (usually a project) for you to implement immediately what you learned. There is a class discussion board to interact and ask questions, as well as the ability to see other projects and get additional ideas.”-SkillShare User

YouTube is one of the largest search engines, social platforms, and content-sharing platforms in the world. If you know the right search terms and channels to follow, you can find valuable sales training across all topics and focuses, completely for free. 

Some sales professionals, like Art Sobczak and myself, have full video series that walk sales professionals through a wide range of topics, skills, and strategies. You can also search to find targeted videos that may answer a specific question or challenge you’re facing. 

My Every Day serieson YouTube has thousands of views across all videos. According to one commenter:

“Amazing stuff as always. Only other place I've found to give as good of info, is 30 minutes to presidents club.” -YouTube Commenter

I offer a free resource bundle on my website. The pack contains a wide variety of sales guides, playbooks, and strategies that can help any sales rep or manager level up their skills and crush their targets. 

Some of the resources included in my bundle are:

Additionally, signing up for the resource pack gets you access to my email insights where you’ll get daily blog updates with new tips, tricks, and sales resources. Many people have successfully used my free resources and paid Sales Accelerator.

“I finished the quarter ranking #3 in the US, and pulled off a great win right at the last minute to help make it happen. The deal that I closed was the one that had gone dark on me that I got back in touch with using Anthony’s training."-Adam Sala, Sales Executive

Udemy is an on-demand learning platform that provides businesses with access to a variety of training programs to help their employees stay on top of trends, skills, and technology. Udemy, like SkillShare, does have paid courses, but they offer several video programs for free. 

Some of their free sales programs include:

Udemy has thousands of satisfied users and learners. According to one:

“Udemy Business platform provides so many courses with respect to different categories. Udemy Business courses can access through both web and mobile applications. As an online learner, it gives more flexibility.”-Udemy User

Sales books are one of the best ways to learn new skills on your own time and schedule. That’s why, for a limited time, I’m offering my bestselling sales book, The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need, for free to anyone who joins my online community while supplies last.

This book covers the nineteen qualities every great salesperson needs (and how to develop them in yourself). Some of these qualities include:

The book has hundreds of five-star reviews online. According to one reviewer:

“As a sales leader, this is now required reading for my teams. My leaders and I have already started to use the guide in our planning and coaching-it's paying off.”-Amazon Reviewer

Sales training is vital for professionals at every stage in their sales career. If you want to take your sales skills to the next level but do not have the resources to invest in paid training, free sales training is a great place to start.

Requesting my free resource pack, Resources for Closers, is an incredible way to get access to a wide variety of sales training materials, from cold calling to prospecting to maximizing your effectiveness as a sales hustler.

Start your journey toward crushing your targets and closing more deals by requesting access today. 

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