Gen Z's Impact on Hotel Marketing and Design

Gen Z's Impact on Hotel Marketing and Design

Gen X move over. The next generation knows what they want from hotels, and it's not bad at all.

In order to start a conversation prior to our big hotel event in London this coming Wednesday, Senior Hospitality Editor Sean O’Neill took a very deep dive into how Gen Z habits are changing hotel marketing and design.

“One inspiration for this story came from an article my colleague Dawit Habtemariam wrote last year: ‘TikTok’s Short-Form Video Revolution Gains Traction in Search for Destinations‘,” O’Neill, a Gen Xer, told me last week. “I hadn’t realized there was such a big audience of Gen Z already.”

“Then this winter Skift was lucky enough to have a stellar intern, Sherry Sun,” O’Neill said. “Sun volunteered, along with our star freelancer Carley Thornell, to do reporting to make this project as nuanced as possible. We wanted to avoid the usual nonsense said about generational differences.”

Don’t miss out on the story, but – really – don’t miss out on Skift Future of Lodging Forum in London next week. Readers of this weekend roundup can save 15% off with the promo code WEEKEND. And subscribers to Skift Pro can watch online for free by registering here.

Expedia and Kayak Offer Early Convergence of ChatGPT and Travel Booking

This is one of the earliest examples of the coming convergence of conversational AI and travel booking, even if it is crude in this new launch from ChatGPT.

More airline debacles and their resulting luggage delays are almost a guarantee. While a full revamp of the baggage handling system is far away, industry leaders are trying to piece together tech solutions to help in the meantime.

Vacasa Turnaround Exec Cites the Need for a Vacation Rental Reset Post-Covid

If ever there was a put up or shut up time for vacation rental tech, it is now. Vacasa and top exec T.J. Clark are bent on improving direct relations with homeowners minus nearly 1,600 employees since October.

When we asked Hilton how it’s updating its brands for a new era, we expected to hear mostly about color palettes and breakfast options. But the company instead said workforce satisfaction was the most critical ingredient. 

Amsterdam is trying to find a balance between its international reputation as an open and free city and resident quality of life. As it pursues its objective, it will have take on some restrictive measures in the Red Light District that run the risk of challenging its reputation.

Air India’s Latest Flex Will Make It Harder for Foreign Airlines to Gain Access

As India grows its aviation market, the government is making sure that its homegrown airlines have an advantage over foreign carriers. However, will Indian carriers rise to the occasion?

Intrepid Travel has hinged its return to profitability on continuous investment into product innovation and its people. Now, a record-breaking start to 2023 sees it turn the dial from revival to thrive mode.

Hawaii Is Close to Shutting Down Tourism Marketing Agency

Last week, the state legislature’s House committee approved a Senate bill that would repeal the Hawaii Tourism Authority and create a government office dedicated solely to destination management, leaving the island without a tourism marketing agency. 

Short-Term Rental Investment Funds to See More Action This Year

Short-term rentals, including the luxury vacation segment, can expect a cash infusion from high-yield demanding investors this year, especially in the light of rising mortgages and flattening home prices in the U.S.

Big changes are underway in Saudi Arabia and India, with both poised for rapid growth in airline traffic. Each, however, is taking a distinct approach with respect to protecting their domestic airlines. Airline Weekly’s Jay Shabat discusses with Skift’s Asia editor Peden Doma Bhatia. 

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