25 Mind-Blowing Statistics on the State of Data-Driven Marketing

25 Mind-Blowing Statistics on the State of Data-Driven Marketing

Between March and August 2020, one in five consumers switched brands, and seven in ten tried new digital shopping channels (McKinsey). With the market becoming more complex and customers demanding a personalized experience, data-driven marketing is the only way forward. In an increasingly complex economy, marketers are more focused than ever on using data-driven insights to better understand their customers and boost their overall competitive advantage.

Here’s a look at 50 amazing statistics on the impact of how data can drive impact marketing success:

1. Using data-based insights to make better marketing decisions requires a comprehensive view of existing and incoming data. Nearly one-third (32%) of marketers surveyed by Ascend2 report that a strategy is planned to have unified marketing data and 45% are already operating with a strategy in place (Ascend2, 2021).

2. Increasing customer loyalty, increasing conversion rates and optimizing customer journey are top objectives according to 46%, 43% and 42% of those surveyed, respectively. (Ascend2, 2021).

3. More than half (56%) of consumers say they want news and media platforms to personalize the news and content they receive based on their interests, tastes and online activity. Gen Z (70%) and Millennials (71%) are most interested in seeing personalized content, while fewer Baby Boomers (37%) are interested. (Harris Poll and AdWeek, 2021)

4. Respondents from medium and large companies, as well as small companies (

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