10 Ways to Use Video to Drive Traffic and Conversions - QuintDaily

10 Ways to Use Video to Drive Traffic and Conversions - QuintDaily

Are you using videos constructively for business’s marketing? Videos have become the most effective tools to drive traffic and increase conversions within no time.

We yearn to drive more traffic on our business website and social media pages;, you can use different online marketing strategies to make this quick and easy. Video content creation is the most significant one.

Videos connect the audience with the showcased products or services profoundly; you can create informative and other videos to enable your potential audience to better understand the product. It helps build trust with customers and at the same time keeps them engaged and entertained.

Video marketing is not just posting a video; it is much more than that. For managing the entire video-making process seamlessly, you can use any online movie editor available in the market.

Here is the list of some of how videos can help boost traffic and conversions of your site-

1) Creative video content: Video’s help ignites the customer’s emotions. You can use both audio and visual effects, unlike in a photo or written content in which people are not interested anymore. Create such creative content that attracts your viewer’s attention to increase your conversion rate.

Search creative ways on the web to create different and engaging content related to your product or service. Try to use colours that appeal to customers, use a bigger font size when emphasising sales, special offers, discounts, new launches, etc.

2) Create good intros and promos for your video: It is essential for you to create compelling intros as if it is not intriguing, then most likely, the viewers will skip your video after watching them for a few seconds. Ensure that the first 10 seconds of your videos hook your viewers so that the audience watches the entire video.

You can use pre-made templates featured by robust online video editors for making promotional videos and intros; you can also use them to edit the videos properly, giving them a professional and elegant look as per your product and taste.

3) Create How-to videos: It has been observed that how-to videos usually get the viewers; attention who intend to buy. Viewers watching these videos generally have an issue they want to resolve, and it depends on you by showing them how to use your product which can solve their problem.

How-to-videos let your audience know in detail how your product works and the benefits customers can avail of after buying it. For example, if you sell quinoa, then show them how it can be used in different ways and its health benefits in the videos. It is the perfect way to entice your customers and increase the probability of generating more revenue by boosting sales.

4) End videos with a strong call to action (CTA): Do not overlook the power of CTA; therefore, keep in mind to use a strong CTA  in the end and tell your audience what to do next. For example, you can mention buying the product; you can use the link below or swipe up, etc. Offer them a seamless buying process by letting your audience know about the next action to take.

5) Video testimonials work wonderfully: Video testimonials with social proof work wonders for any website. It is rightly said that nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd; therefore, using testimonials is an excellent way to convey the value of your product as it is easier for a viewer to trust another customer than the company itself.

You can create these videos by requesting your loyal customers to record a testimonial video for your product; later, you can edit them by adding special effects, changing the background, etc.

6) Create videos that promote your product or service: As per Hubspot, 55% of people who watch videos are attentive. Therefore, you can create videos that help promote your product/service to drive traffic and enhance conversion. It has been observed that people are more likely to buy a product after watching a promotional video.

Ensure that you create quality videos and demos as it raises the probability of getting paying customers; you do not need an expensively created video. Just make a simple video that helps customers understand and learn about your product in a better way.

7) Use compelling headlines: Try and use a catchy headline that can do half of your video marketing work. By reading an entrancing headline, many people would want to open your video and see what content is inside, for example, a free coupon, limited edition, etc.

If you use a basic headline, people might not even read it, scroll down and skip watching your video. Your headline must be attractive so that it drives traffic and connects your viewers intellectually and spiritually.

8) Encourage social sharing: Everyone knows the importance of social media platforms these days. Therefore, using them for your brand promotion is a great idea. Providing your potential audiences valuable information and creating good quality content will increase your video’s number of shares and views. You need to research your target audience first and then choose the platform to promote your video content.

9) Video ads: Nowadays, online video ads are the most effective online video ad medium and are equally effective as TV advertising. They have a click-through rate that overpowers normal ads by a factor of up to three. You can promote video ads of your product through pay-per-click or by search engine marketing.

10) Create videos that answer customers queries: Customer service should be the first concern for any business. Companies that offer excellent customer services get loyal buyers; hence you can create videos providing your audience with the answer to frequently asked questions.

In fact, in the video, you can mention that if they have any more questions, they can leave a comment and answer that in the next video. This way, the customer will feel special plus engaged as they will wait for the next video to be uploaded. This helps drive traffic plus would also lead to an increase in sales.

So, these were some of the best ways to use videos to drive traffic and boost conversions; you can use them for increase brand awareness which would, in turn, let you reap the benefits by increasing sales.

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