How to Boost Local SEO with a Google Business Profile Video

How to Boost Local SEO with a Google Business Profile Video

Video can be a beneficial addition to any Google Business Profile listing. It’s a simple way to generate more engagement, improve the prominence of your company in Google search, and bring more customers through the door. Wondering what types of videos you should be creating and how to add them to your Google Business Profile? Well, you came to the right place. Let’s dive in!

If you’re not familiar with Google Business Profile (known as “Google My Business” until last year), it’s a tool that lets you create a local listing for your business on Google as long as you can prove that you occupy the premises in question. When your profile is all set up, your business becomes visible on Google Maps, in the local business search results, and across other Google products. Your business listing will look something like this: When your customers visit your profile, they can leave reviews, add photos and videos, and look up your hours, address, and contact information. You can create a separate Google Business Profile listing for every physical location you have within your business, such as stores and offices. Keep in mind that Google won’t let you create one for post office box addresses or other proxy business addresses. To qualify, the location in question must be a place where customers can actually visit.

Google has strict requirements for the types of video you can add to your profile, so the first step is to ensure that your video meets these specs: The 30-second limit may seem restricting, but it forces you to think more creatively about the kind of short-form or advertorial content that will be most appropriate for your business. Scroll down to the bottom of this article for a list of the best types of video to include in your profile. Google also provides additional guidelines for video content on your Google Business Profile, including strict privacy rules. If you plan to use a private video that you don’t own, you need the owner’s written or verbal permission before uploading it to your profile.

How to add a video to your Google Business Profile Ready to add a video to your Business Profile? There are two different ways to get the job done: Sign into your Google Business account, and once your dashboard is open, take these steps: Navigate to “Photos” from your dashboard menu. A file browser will pop up where you can drag or select videos from your computer. Choose the video file you want to add to your profile. Once you’re finished, anyone who checks out your Google Business Profile can see your video. Some video content may need further review by Google. If that’s the case, Google will alert you. Make sure you’re logged into your Business Profile. Type your business’s name into the search bar and hit enter. Next, you’ll see a mini dashboard. Here’s what you need to do to get that video up and running: The same file browser will pop up where you can drag or select videos from your computer. Choose the video file you want to add to your profile.

How to highlight your video Want to highlight your video for a short period of time? Add it to a post! Otherwise, your video will remain grouped with all the other media in your library. Posts are a great way to publish new things that may have temporary importance, like a promotion or a sale. To create a post, open up your Google Business Profile dashboard and then follow these steps: Select “Posts” from the left menu or “Create post” in the middle of the page. Choose the ‌post type. Your options include Offer, What’s New, Event, and Product. Check out Google’s guide to posts for more information on when you should use each post type. For example, general updates can go under “What’s New.” Select “Add photos or videos” and then choose the video you want to post. It’s important to note that posts are archived after six months unless you specify otherwise before you publish. A neat thing about Google Business Profile is that it comes with insights. You can check out your post insights to find out how well your video posts are performing. You’ll get to see which videos your viewers engage with or watch the most, such as product demonstrations or testimonial videos. This can help you understand the type of content that resonates most with them.

The best types of video to include in your Google Business Profile The best videos for your Google Business Profile are ones that show real people talking about your product, service, or company. The good news is that these videos can convey a lot in 30 seconds! Check out three of the most common video types for Google Business Profiles: If you’ve got a retail business or if you’re looking to show off your beautiful office, this option is for you. Most people who seek out a Google Business Profile listing need information about a business in a specific location, and their primary inquiry is about geography and navigation. A short video tour is the perfect way to show what the establishment looks like, how to find it, and what to expect onsite. Want to see an example? Here’s one of us showing off our office space here in Cambridge, Massachusetts: Anyone can shoot a video like this on a phone or with a small gimbal camera, such as the DJI pocket. Just take your prospective customers on a tour of your store or office, providing commentary if you wish, and then add in some music to lift the final product. 2. An about us video Do you want to show off the expertise and culture of your company? Make an about us video! This type of video explains what your business is and what makes it special. It’s pretty ideal for businesses in the service industry or those that take place in a more traditional office setting. There are many ways to create a compelling about us video. If you want to see an example, check out this oldie but goodie that we’ve used throughout our marketing communications in the past: If you already have an about us video that’s longer than 30 seconds, you can cut it down to a snappy bite-sized video. This type of video is something of a hybrid of both location tours and about us videos. It’s more suited to businesses in the hospitality sector, such as cafes and restaurants, where both the space and the service are critical selling points. These videos are typically single talking-head shots, interspersed with footage from the location or screenshots of things like menus. A simple script is usually helpful here, where the core video talent is able to briefly explain the offering, such as the style of food being prepared or the opening hours. In these videos, it’s also great to mention things like whether customers need to book a table and how to do so. For bigger businesses and franchises running a big advertising campaign, Google Business Profile can be an appropriate place to highlight a 30-second ad. If you’ve got a great ad that you’re currently promoting through TV and paid media that anchors a specific campaign or sells the value of your offering more broadly, definitely upload it to your profile for new visitors who find your profile via local search.

Want your videos to stand out on search engines? Video SEO goes beyond Google Business Profile, and we’ve got some resources for you! Including video across your website can ensure that your site ranks better for more competitive queries and captures traffic from a wider array of search sources. Take a look at some of our resources on using video to increase search traffic and optimizing your videos for more views. And be sure to check out our introductory guide to video marketing for businesses. Don’t have any fancy video equipment? No problem. All you need is an iPhone — and our ten easy tips for capturing great footage with one. Check ‘em out!

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