125 Best People to Follow on Twitter for Social Media Geeks

125 Best People to Follow on Twitter for Social Media Geeks

I pretty much owe my whole career to Twitter.

I’ve met & learned from some of the best people in my industry there.

In fact, it's safe to say that I wouldn't be where I am today without it.

And because I work in social media marketing, I'm also interacting daily with marketers, writers, social media influencers & business people from around the globe.

To show them all how much I appreciate them, I listed 125 of my favorite people to follow on Twitter.

These are the people who taught me how to market on Twitter.

And I hope you enjoy following them as much as I enjoyed making this list!

Chris is the founder of Owner Magazine.

Peg is the co-author of "The Art of Social Media".

Marsha is a speaker who writes books about social media.

Rand is the founder of Moz.

Michael is the founder of Social Media Examiner.

Diana has written more than 4,100 blog posts.

Andrea is the co-author of "Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies".

Mack wrote the book, “Think Like a Rock Star”.

John is the founder of Entrepreneur on Fire.

Ann is the head of content at MarketingProfs.

Jason is the founder of Social Fresh.

Neal is the founder of Maximize Social Business.

Dave is the founder of Likeable Media.

Michael is the head of strategy at Newscred.

Amber is the co-founder of Meshfire.

Darren is the founder of ProBlogger.

Esteban is the director of strategy at Sprinklr.

Ally is the director of community & content at Scoop.it.

Emeric is the founder of AgoraPulse.

Stacey is the senior social & media relations manager for OutMarket.

Ekaterina is an evangelist at Sprinklr.

Stephanie is the client success manager at Together Mobile.

Lauren is the editor of AllTwitter.

Fadra is the director of content strategy at She Buys Cars.

Jason is the community leader at IBM.

Calvin is the founder of Mayhem Studios.

Carrie is the CEO of Likeable Media.

Bryan is the CEO of PureMatter.

Ian is the founder of RazorSocial.

Bruce is the founder of #DadChat on Twitter.

Erika is the founder of Redhead Writing.

Gini is the CEO of Arment Dietrich.

Mike is the founder of TabSite.

Misty is the co-founder of PodJam.tv.

Marty is the co-founder of PodJam.tv.

Betsy is the founder of Be Visible Associates.

Adam is the founder of Blogging Wizard.

Carla is the founder of MOMeo Magazine.

Kim is the owner of Just Ask Kim.

Zsuzsa is the co-founder of Antavo.

Jayson is the founder & CEO of AudienceBloom.

Klaudia teaches older adults & non-techies how to use social media.

Mitch is the president of Twist Image.

Lilach is the co-founder of Comms Axis.

Melissa is a contributor to the Talking Comics & co-host of The Missfits.

Konrad is the founder of Creative Copywriter.

Jay is the UK ambassador for HootSuite.

K.P. is the co-founder of the Share4Kids Foundation.

Daniel is the founder of Broadsuite.

Even if you don't follow everyone in this article, you can still keep up with them on Twitter.

When you follow the list, all 125 of these influencers are just one click away.

Even better, this Twitter list is a work in progress -- and I would love to hear from you about the best people to follow on Twitter.

Which users should I add who weren't mentioned in this post?

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