SEO your collections with this free guide • Double Your Ecommerce

SEO your collections with this free guide • Double Your Ecommerce

Shopify Collection SEO is about optimizing a Shopify collection page to be more relevant for a specific, niche keyword. That specificity will help your page rank higher in Google and attract more visitors. And you do that by writing + adding relevant content to a few key places on each collection page.

As an SEO consultant specializing in Shopify SEO, I’ve found that the collections on Shopify stores are frequently under-optimized.

Your collection pages are a great way to attract traffic from potential customers searching for purchase-ready ‘transactional-intent’ keywords that relate to your store, like ‘buy watercolor illustrated tea towels.’

If your collections aren’t optimized, your Shopify store leaves money (and traffic) on the table. You can easily attract traffic to your Shopify store by optimizing just a few things on your existing collection pages (and maybe by creating a few new collection pages.)

Big picture, the more relevant information you can share on your collection page, the better the browsing experience for your customer, and the better your SEO and rankings. (As a guiding light, your goal is to write for humans first and search engine robots second.)

I put together this digital garden to help you understand what goes into Shopify Collection SEO and help you tackle your collection SEO. Read on for detailed guidance (or skip to the collection SEO chapter index).

Collection SEO is primarily about on-page optimizations to your collection pages. That means you’ll optimize your collections by adding or optimizing content to the collection page itself. Where do you add or optimize this content? In just a few places, including the following:

Adding more high-quality, relevant content in these spots will help your collections rank higher on Google.

In my experience, your goal should be ‘better-than-average’ collection SEO. You don’t need to stress about having perfect collection SEO and doing every last SEO thing perfectly. You want to:

Collection SEO doesn’t have to take much time to do well (or better than average). It just takes investing a little time and attention and making sure you’ve tackled the significant and major opportunities.

These are the top four opportunities for your collection SEO. I recommend focusing your time, attention, and effort on these opportunities.

Tackling those four opportunities on your top priority collections will make a major impact.

I’ve collected and analyzed the top ten collection SEO opportunities for you. You can move these levers to optimize your collections to earn more traffic.

In the table below, I’ve scored and commented on the top ten major and minor collection SEO opportunities

To help you in your Shopify SEO efforts, I’ve put together this digital garden full of articles, tips, guides, and examples to help you optimize your Collection SEO.

Inside is information on more opportunities for Collection SEO, plus the opportunities from the table above. Inside each of these chapters on a part of Collection SEO, I’ve included more specific information to help with the opportunity.

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