Influencer Marketing Strategies for Reaching Millennial Parents - Open Influence Inc.

Influencer Marketing Strategies for Reaching Millennial Parents - Open Influence Inc.

Millennials are the first-ever generation parenting with social media. According to Forbes, over 50% of millennial parents report using social media for parenting-related information and social support. Due to the pandemic’s negative consequences on parents, users have turned to social media for relatable content and to find common connections through a community that helps them feel less alone.

It’s not just parenting support that drives parents to their social accounts—over half of millennial parents care that the things they buy their children look good in their social posts, and over a third have bought something for their kids that they saw on social media. 

New York Times reported that there are over 60 million parents in the US alone, and at least 4.5 million of them are influencers. This is a massive audience and creator economy for brands to seriously consider. 

Like other niches, marketing to this group is unique. Here are some tried and true ways that the Open Influence agency has been able to land parents throughout the marketing funnel by leveraging creator marketing.

Both light humor and darksatirehave become cornerstones within the parenting community, so long as it’s relatable. Parents are turning to social for relatable, comedic relief as a way to take a break, find community, and cut themselves some slack. Connect to parenting audiences with shareable memes and hilarious videos.

Only a tiny percentage of Millennial parents are looking to books for parenting advice when they have questions—the majority are turning to their social feeds.Helpful tips,thoughtful advice, and#parentinghacksregularly go viral among Millennial parents. If your brand has a product or tech that can make parenting easier or solve common parenting headaches, activate popular parenting creators to spread the word. 

Pro tip: when using baby gear in content, ensure it’s being used safely and correctly, or criticism, shock, and even disgust from parents might fill the comment sections.

Millennials have been inundated with marketing and information like no generation before. They are tired of being made to feel like they have to be perfect parents and are trading in polished, perfect Instagram photos for the moreraw,real, and relatable content invideos seen in reels and on TikTok. They’ve even found friends and community on Facebook in private parenting support groups.Build brand affinity and loyalty by partnering with creators who regularly post real, raw, and relevant parenting content.

Parents, and particularly moms, are busy taking care of everybody but themselves. Parents aredesperatefor momentary escapes. FromASMR videosto relaxing visuals and messages of encouragement, parents are finding solace in social.Partner with creators to offer meaningful ways to practice self-care, and the millennial moms of social will be sold. 

Millennial parents are stressed, and a little bit of encouragement can go alongway. It might not seem like much, but having another parent, doctor, or other expert sharing that everything WILL be okay and that you’re doing a great job, makes a big difference for parents. The bonus for brands is that this content is engaging and highly shareable.Work with creators who can validate how challenging parenting can be while offering grace, encouragement, and a solution. 

According to Forbes,the millennial parenting marketis worth over 46 billion USD. In 2023, if your brand wants a chance at a piece of that pie, you will have to cut through the masses with masterful marketing. Parenting creators are a great way to break in because they are already embedded in the community. Many have built large followings and have gained trust and legitimacy within the group. 

If you are interested in partnering with thebest parenting influencers, Open Influence can help with creative strategy, campaign management, and cutting-edge data and insights. Contact our creator marketing agency team to partner with parents today!

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