11 steps to launching influencer giveaways on Twitch

11 steps to launching influencer giveaways on Twitch

Twitch is one of the most popular streaming platforms online. It has over 6.5 million monthly viewers and can be a great way to engage with your audience and earn a stable income at the same time. But it’s a never-ending game, and you should always strive to reach more people and drive better results.

Influencer giveaways are a great way to accomplish that with minimal effort.

In this article, we’ll look at 11 steps to launching a successful influencer’s giveaway on Twitch and improve your online presence.

Influencer marketing campaigns on Twitch can help you achieve all sorts of things.

They can help you drive traffic, get more subscribers, or strengthen an already existing relationship you have with your viewers.

When running a giveaway influencer campaign, you should consider these goals:

Any business scaling guide will tell you that the most common way to reach more people and become more popular on the internet is to find ways to get more traffic. The same applies to Twitch. It’s probably the goal of all streamers online.

The more viewers you have, the more money you make and the more successful you are.

Social media plays a crucial role in your online presence. If you can leverage it to your advantage, you can hit a lot more people and grow more quickly.

Influencer giveaways are one of the best ways for that.

Lastly, you can have tons of viewers but almost zero conversion rate.

It would help if you fixed that to sustain your Twitch streaming and be financially independent. Giveaways might be just the right way to do so.

Choosing your goals is one of the most important things. The three most common goals above all target different groups of people in a sales funnel.

Be sure to decide what group of people to reach and what technique to use. (learn more about it in this guide here.)

Allocating the right amount of resources to the influencer giveaway is incredibly important.

Moreover, it will prevent bankruptcy and sabotage your strategy just because you run out of money.

There are two things you must consider when allocating resources for a giveaway.

Influencers can be very costly, depending on which you choose.

They usually charge $25 for 1000 followers, but this number is relative to your niche and the influencer.

Just be sure to discuss pricing with the influencer as soon as possible.

As with any type offunctional marketing strategy, you need to track the ROI (return on investment). When it comes to influencers, there are various platforms that can help you do so, includingTapInfluence andIzea.

You probably won’t need to break the bank to pay for a giveaway prize, unlike paying for influencers.

But be sure to count with a price for a giveaway reward too.

Running out of resources on a giveaway is one of the most frustrating things. It will make you look unprofessional, will disappoint your followers, and may lose your loyal viewers.

Avoid that at any cost.

Most streamers overlook this step and pick a random game for their viewers.

But this isn’t optimal and may lead to poor results. It would be best if you did everything in your power to be as relevant as possible and pick the prize your viewers want.

Would you join a giveaway for a prize you have no interest in?

Of course not. This is because of a lack of personalization and relevance. If you are a man, you probably won’t join a giveaway for a lovely dress.

There are two ways to pick the right giveaway prize.

Check your analytics and find out as much information about your audience as possible.

You engage with them on a day-to-day basis, so you should have a pretty good idea of your Twitch audience. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what they fancy the most.

The easiest way to find out what your viewers want is by directly asking them. There is no shame in that, and they might be flattered that you care about them.

And if you really don’t know what to buy, choose something universal like PaySafe cards or gift cards.

Similar to how you should always be closing clients, always be thinking about what your viewers want from you. This will help you both offer the right prizes and develop a loyal following that will continue to engage with you, buy your products, and support your brand.

Knowing how to scale a business successfully can really come down to your choice of influencers.

The right influencers can help you reach 10X more people, if not even more.

But the question is how many of their followers will eventually join your giveaway and become your loyal viewers.

There are two things to consider when choosing an influencer for your giveaway.

The more relevant the influencer, the better.

If you are a streamer, you probably know many well-known influencers in your industry you could collaborate with.

If not, you can ask your audience what influencers they like or take a look at Upfluence.

It’s an online platform made for connecting brands with the right influencers.

The number of followers should come into consideration too.

The more followers an influencer has, the better. The key thing here is to make sure their audience is at least a bit familiar with you, though.

If it isn’t, your chances of getting new viewers drop down significantly.

Fortunately, you can prevent that by using podcasts. You can do an interview with influencers or collaborate together. Their audience can then get to know you better and find out whether they are interested or not.

Just make sure to use the latest podcast software solution and perfect the quality.

First impressions last and I am sure you don’t want to be seen negatively from the beginning.

Finally, it’s time to reach out to the influencers.

Prepare a list of at least a few influencers you can reach out to. Relying on only one to respond may not be the best idea.

After that, it’s time to plan a reach-out message carefully.

Don’t babble about yourself too much. Your needs and your wants aren’t as appealing to the influencers as you think. Instead, focus on the influencers, their needs, and desires.

You can see a great example of that below.

It’s short, straightforward, and shows that you care about the influencer.

Copy this template, use it for your business, and increase your chances of starting a successful collaboration.

It will save you a lot of time and deliver the results you desire.

After you found the right influencer, it’s time to pick your giveaway type. This is usually only dependent on your preference.

However, you should also make sure that your audience likes it too.

There are multiple interactive ways to create giveaway contests. I have prepared the three most common ones for you.

They are great for anyone, no matter the niche or platform:

This is the most common type of giveaway. It’s also the easiest one to use because you have unlimited options, and you can easily share them with your audience.

The critical thing here is to make the rules and prizes as clear as possible. Tell your followers exactly what they want to hear and give them a prize they can’t reject.

Also, consider using aninfographic maker to create engaging coupons, like the one below, to supercharge your brand awareness.

Another great way to engage with your audience and create a little competition is to let your followers play giveaway games.

These games can be as simple as writing the best comment, photo caption, or vote to win.

Either way, make it engaging, fun, and interactive. Then, pick your winners, give them their prizes, and maximize the benefits.

Testing the knowledge of your audience or finding out how much they know you are a great way to allow your followers to learn more about you while winning a prize at the same time.

Moreover, quizzes are super simple to create and publish. You can use online tools like ProProfs, Fyrebox, or Interact and be done with them in a matter of a few minutes.

They can be a great way to add a bit of competition to your giveaways and make your followers fight for your prizes.

Pick your favorite type, build an engaging giveaway, and drive better results faster.

Influencers can help you share your giveaway big time. But you shouldn’t forget about sharing your giveaway too…

Of course, your loyal viewers from Twitch will know everything about it from your stream. But what if somebody missed your stream? How will they know that you are running a giveaway?

The best way to prevent it, reach more people, and show it to the world is via social media.

It can do wonders if you can share your giveaway there properly. It can 2X if not 3X your participants, bring you new leads, and make your giveaway more successful.

And all you need to do to get these benefits is create a post like this on your social media.

It’s super-easy, highly effective, and will go a long way in making your giveaway more successful. It will allow you to attract more followers, get more people to your stream, and beat other streamers.

Just be sure that your influencers give you a hand with the sharing of your giveaway.

When hosting a giveaway, there are a few things you must be aware of.

You should follow certain rules to make sure you won’t violate any law or get into trouble.

Below are some of the guidelines and rules Twitch has launched:

Basically, don’t do anything malicious and obey the law.

No strategy is perfect, and there is always room for improvement.

You should constantly be looking at what influencers and prizes work the best and which one of them don’t. It’s a never-ending process that is a MUST for the long-term success of your stream.

Be sure to use a great analytics tool to make improving your existing strategy easier.

Also, be sure to pay attention to the viewers’ interactions and relationships. After all, it’s your audience you’re doing it for.

Using a top-notch CRM solution can help you exactly with that.

It can track viewers’ engagement and help you understand what strategies work the best. It can do wonders if you can use it properly.

Always strive to improve your strategy and get better results.

After a successful giveaway, it’s time for a new one.

You should create a lot of giveaways, especially if you see results and it’s helping you . But be sure to make it more interesting and mix things up.

Experiment with new prizes and influencers and move ahead faster.

Giveaways are only a tiny portion of promotional techniques you can use on Twitch. There are a lot more different variations such as:

All of that can be an excellent addition to a giveaway.

Don’t rely heavily only on one method. Instead, add a bit of variety to your Twitch marketing and create a better strategy.

It will also help you think outside the box and stand out among other streamers.

Also, don’t forget about other community platforms. With a range of available platforms to build an audience, you might be missing out if you focus only on Twitch over the long term.

Finally, consider that you can follow the same principles whether you are starting a blog, building up a YouTube channel, or doing anything that requires momentum online. Getting the word out through social media, influencers, and contests can help you jump-start any new content initiative.

Giveaways can be a lucrative way to increase sales and reach your marketing goals faster, especially if you get a hand from a well-known influencer.

In this article, we’ve talked about the 11 best ways to launch influencer giveaways on Twitch.

Follow the advice above, create a better strategy and grow faster.

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