Social Skills: Spruce Up Your Social Media Content

Social Skills: Spruce Up Your Social Media Content

Generating leads may be the goal of every agent’s social media marketing strategy, but content is the fuel that drives traffic to your page.

Real estate professionals can reap serious benefits by sprucing up the cache of content featured on their social media pages to keep up with changing user trends.

From creating a series to leaning on automated assistance, there are at least four ways to attract new followers and renew client interest through better content.

The best way to drive traffic or catch the eyes of social media users is to stay relevant.

Audience interests are constantly changing; so, listen and cater to your sphere when creating and posting content on an agent’s platforms. Monitor trends and chatter online to determine what folks are talking about and use those insights to post content that your existing and potential clients are looking for.

Being a source of digestible content that simplifies real estate numbers and stats is a great way to attract people looking to make sense of the market.

From historic home price surges and low rates to what’s going on with the inventory in a specific market, offer your clients and followers information without the jargon. Post simple reasons why they should buy, sell and do business with you and your team.

Developing a series or blog around you and your brand can be a fun and effective way to drive traffic to your social media pages as you turn viewers into followers—and then hopefully into leads.

Whether it’s solo or with the help of a colleague, write, record or live stream about something that you love to do that connects with your work. Then, when you have an idea, create authentic content that informs, entertains and engages your audience.

Promoting your brand is an essential part of any social media marketing strategy but mixing things up can also help drive traffic and lead generation.

Enhance your content offerings with articles, data and reports that add value and inform your audience to keep them visiting your page. Programs like ACESocial can help automate the process and post daily content to users’ Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts automatically with thousands of professionally generated articles, videos and infographics. Jordan Grice is RISMedia’s associate content editor. Email him your real estate news to

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