Get Instagram Followers - 5 Creative Ideas to Grow Your Brand

Get Instagram Followers - 5 Creative Ideas to Grow Your Brand

For some people, Instagram is an afterthought when it comes to choosing the social media network to use for marketing purposes. Twitter and Facebook are the channels that cross the minds of most entrepreneurs whenever they think about social media marketing. But, Instagram dominates social media channels like Facebook and Twitter in engagements. It’s, therefore, not surprising that some people and brands opt to buy Instagram followers to boost their popularity on this platform. 

Instagram is growing very quickly. Instagram users are also highly engaged in comparison to those of the other social media platforms. Most people prefer connecting with their favorite brands on this platform. But, to reap maximum returns from your investment in Instagram marketing, you need more followers. So, how do you get more followers for your brand on Instagram? Here are creative ideas that will get you 1000 Instagram followers without following them first.

This might sound familiar to some people. You probably know that low competition keywords are great for search engine ranking. But, do you know that low competition keywords can get you more Instagram followers?

Using low competition hashtags is an effective strategy for ensuring that posts have great outreach. It also enables Instagram posts to stay on top of the tag search page of this social network longer due to their low competition.

Therefore, instead of adding random hashtags to your Instagram posts, conduct some research about them. Make sure that your Instagram posts include a large variety of low and high volume hashtags. However, make sure that every hashtag that you include in your Instagram post is relevant to your brand or product.

This entails giving old Instagram photos a new life. You can do this by revising your old pictures and including new hashtags in their comment section. Your old photos may not be showing up in the newsfeeds of Instagram users. As such, adding relevant hashtags in their comment section is an effective way to make them show up at the top whenever Instagram users search those hashtags.

To do this, find out which hashtags are used the most by your target audience. This will bring up all hashtags that relate to your search. Take note of the popular hashtags and then copy/paste them in the comments section of your old Instagram pictures. Because Instagram won’t allow more than 30 hashtags, do a maximum of 15 hashtags at a time.

You don’t want to spam other Instagram users. However, tagging more prominent brands within your niche can make sense. Brands are excited by their engagements with Instagram followers. In some cases, bigger brands can even repost the photos they are tagged in.

If you do this and a major brand reposts your content, you will be exposed to its large audience. Some of the people that see the post will be interested in following you. Thus, you can get more Instagram followers by tagging bigger brands as a way of showing love. That’s because your simple gesture can prompt a major brand to repost your content to their larger audiences.

Hashtags play a crucial role in the interactions of the members of the Instagram community. However, you should use them strategically to grow your following on this platform. Perhaps, you’re already using popular hashtags as an aspect of your social media marketing platform. But, do you know that you can get more followers by creating your hashtags?

Creating unique hashtags with the right approach can have a significant impact when it comes to Instagram marketing. You may be taking great shots to have perfect photos for the products that your brand is marketing. However, quality photos should not be the only thing you focus on when you want to get more Instagram followers.

You need to create unique hashtags and promote them. The hashtags should be relevant to your brand or the products that you’re selling. To promote the hashtags, you can print t-shirts or other items with the hashtags and give them away to prospects or customers. This approach can even create a community of the people that will be following your brand on Instagram.

In addition to promoting the hashtag, this approach will also create awareness of your brand. And, increased awareness and translate to more sales.

Sharing a story on Instagram is a great way to show your audience that you’re also human. It shows that the audience can relate to you or your brand. So, think about the story behind your brand. How did it start? What made you start the brand, and what makes it unique?

Think about something that can enable your brand to establish a deeper connection with the target audience at a more personal level. Essentially, you don’t have to show off your products all the time. You can feature company employees as they do what seems like the mundane aspect of their work.

A story that provides behind the scenes can give insights into what it takes to produce the final products that your consumers enjoy. It’s also a great way to appreciate the effort of the people that make it all possible. And, this can boost engagements and interactions that your brand will have with the Instagram community.

Necessarily, you should be real and human when it comes to interacting with your target audience. This will prompt most users to follow you on realizing that they can engage and relate with your brand.

Instagram had more than a billion active monthly users as of June 2018. But, brands need more followers to reap maximum returns from their Instagram marketing efforts. Getting more Instagram followers is not always easy, especially for brands that are starting on this platform. Nevertheless, several brands have grown their following by implementing tested and proven strategies. A consistent approach and hard work are required to build a reputable name for a brand on this platform.

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