Why You Need To Customize Your SEO Strategy - Vents Magazine

Why You Need To Customize Your SEO Strategy - Vents Magazine

Every business is unique and different. Similarly, every business has its own business goals and agenda of how it should be perceived by its customers. This means, that there is diversity in harmony. In short, despite the fact that every business belongs to a particular industry, the business needs and goals are different. Therefore, how a business reaches out to its target audience also differs. That’s why the concept of customized marketing has come into existence.

Over the years, marketing experts have realized that the success of any marketing strategy depends on how well it blends the industry trends with the individual business goals. This concept crept into traditional marketing and soon made ways for digital marketing. Initially, when digital marketing was at a nascent stage, a common plan which everyone follows or a standard digital marketing plan was embraced, but over the years, as digital marketing has grown leaps and bounds, businesses have realized the importance of tweaking digital marketing strategies too.

This led to the introduction of the concept “Customized SEO.” Search engine optimization plays a key role in the success of your digital presence. However, it is also a fact that SEO services encompass a gamut of services. So do you need all of the services??? If yes, why and what is the importance of each service and how do you divide your strategy among all services. If no, then what are the services you can forego or how to prioritize the services? The answer to this is customized SEO.

So, what does customized SEO do?

1. Your business type: Based on your business type, it helps you decide what all services you must embrace. For example, if you are a manufacturing company, you are in B2B sector. Therefore, your digital marketing purpose would be to create a brand existence that businesses can look for and create awareness of what your brand is. In such a case, your customized SEO package would focus on more creating a well defined and designed website, have good blogs, more newsletters and guest blogs and a lesser focus would be on social media platforms like Insta and Facebook compared to a LinkedIn profile. That means a customized SEO creates a business-specific digital presence.

2. Your target audience: “Customer is the king,” is the common mantra that holds all businesses. However, who are your target customers is what defines success. So, if you are a jewellery brand that caters to youngsters or women in their late 20s and onwards then your ideal SEO package must focus on building a classy and convenient E-Commerce website as most of your target audience shop online. In social media presence, your Instagram presence is the key. Thus, a customized SEO plan helps you reach out to your target audience in the best possible way. In the digital space, getting your communication right is the key to reaching out to your target audience. However, this communication would become effective only when its uniform, unique and reflect your brand image/story. That’s when choosing customization of SEO helps.

3. Your purpose of digital marketing: As a business, is your digital marketing goal to build a wide audience or increasing online sales or use digital space to increase on-ground sales??? Based on this detailing, your language and the content presentation should be defined. For example, if your purpose is using digital presence to increase on-ground sales then, your SEO should focus on CTA and lead generation. Therefore, the content should revolve around indirect selling and direct CTA.

4. The overall digital spend: As mentioned above, SEO services cover a gamut of aspects which of course comes with a cost. However, how much can you pay or have allocated for your digital marketing defines what SEO services you can afford. That’s where a customized SEO plan would help you create an SEO plan that will blend the SEO services that your business needs and also defines the magnitude of utilizing these services based on the budget. Therefore, it helps the business to understand what’s the best that can be achieved in the budget available.

5. Helps lead the competition: Customization of SEO not only helps you to present your business in the most effective way but also enables you to gauge and understand what your competitors are doing on the digital space. Based on the competitors’ trend, you can tweak your digital strategy and grow.

Thus, in the current scenario, when customers are choosing businesses that offer customized services, it’s time businesses realize that customization is not just an offering but the need of the hour. Therefore, switch to customized SEO services to get a better digital presence and thereby improve business. Thus, when you are on the lookout for an SEO service provider, the first question to ask is, “would you customize your service?”

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